Friday, January 8, 2016

Apple Picking Field Trip

 One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the awesome field trips we have the opportunity to go on.  I am a strong believer in hands on learning, and this trip to an apple farm did not disappoint.  The kids all got a turn to press apples to make fresh apple cider right before our eyes.  They make cider from three types of apples, the tartest one, the sweetest one, and a meaty one (or one of substance).  We got to taste it right after the kids were done, and it was oh so good (but still not as good as NY cider...hard to beat).

Look at the above see that tiny red apple??  #cutestever

Because of a last season frost, this farm lost 60% of its apples, so the kids were limited to one apple each.  Both were super proud of theirs.  Phoenix loved the leaf on his.

Afterwards, we ate lunch at picnic tables, the moms socialized and the kids played.  Phoenix played King of the Mountain with some bigger kids, and Audrey made herself at home on the tire swing.

We got to sample some apple cider slushies and my biggest regret is not splurging and buying us full sized slushies.  I am still craving it months later!