Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Girls Night Out!!

Myself and 3 of my lucky friends were treated to a GNO compliments of our husbands (they surprised us!). Where did we go, you ask? Umm...none other than a Rascal Flatts concert!! Hello!

For a few pictures click here (I look totally hid. so...yeah...blame it on the blasted weather)

We got all of the typical Raleigh weather wrapped into one nice little bundle. When I say "typical Raleigh weather" I mean: rain, extreme heat, even more extreme humidity, intense sun beating down, hot breeze when you want it to be cool, cold breeze when you wish it was warm, and oh yeah...thunder and lightening. Like seriously, it was a blue sky with sun shining down on us and yet we were still getting rained on. Luckily the torrential rain waited until the last 5 minutes of the concert.

Enough about the weather, let's talk about the concert! It was awesome!!! We got there about 3 hours early. We got killer parking, killer lawn seats, and when we wanted to leave the concert we were out in about 5 minutes. We also had some time for much needed girl talk. Sara Evans opened for them and she is totally beautiful, amazing voice...etc. Then...Rascal Flatts totally killed it! The show was exciting, the music was even better than expected, the girls I went with were totally awesome. We decided we would definitely have to do this again (wink wink to all the hubs).

Thanks guys for treating us to such an awesome Girls Night Out!!!


Megan said...

YAY! So fun...sorry I was signed in as JAx earlier...whoops.