Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A few weeks ago a good friend emailed me with an alert of a killer deal for a week dance camp this summer for little girls. I jumped on it (thanks for the heads up April!). At first I was going to sign Audrey up for the Princess week, but she did NOT like the sound of that (she said she wanted it to be Prince week...not sure where she gets this occasional tomboy streak from). So we both agreed on Disney week (which turned out to be very princessy, but Audrey was OK with that). She was a little nervous for her first day, but when I picked her up she said that she wanted to go to dance class every day (that is MY kind of girl!). The dance class was for 2 hours every day for one week. The girls learned ballet and tap. I was so impressed with the demonstration at the end of the week. Audrey had learned so much, and she made a beautiful ballerina.

I am so glad that she loved dance. I still dream about taking dance classes myself (emphasis in ballroom). I am definitely looking forward to watching my little princess take some more dance classes in the future!


Wii are the Nelsons said...

She's too cute as a ballerina. How fun for her to have dance classes. I hope I can get Kaelyn some one day =D

Megan said...

Super cute girl. Courtney told me today that Audrey was her best friend.