Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Audrey's Birthday (part 2)

I am a planner. I love making lists, making menus, searching the web for ideas...and parties are a perfect outlet for that. Audrey likes to plan to (I think I got it from my Dad, and Audrey got it from me). So together me and Audrey have been planning her party for a long time. You would think that with all the prep time I put in I wouldn't have been rushing so much on her party day...but I was recently diagnosed with ithinkicandowaymorethanihavetimefor-itis, so hopefully I will get control over things in the future. My awesome, beautiful, amazing, super-talented, I-would-hate-her-if-I-didn't-love-her-so-much friend came over and brought her favorite accessory (camera). Lucky for you because for you can look at the beautiful pictures below. The theme was A Little Ladies Tea Party.

I kept the party small this year because last year was a little crazy for me (I like to keep things controlled and semi-predictable). Travis entertained the girls in the backyard while I made some hats for them out of ribbon and flowers of their choosing. I love being married to a big kid.

I probably made 300% too many treats, but I honestly couldn't help it.

Easiest "fancy" cake ever!

These girls had so much fun! Aren't they all beautiful?!?

I must say, the hats turned out way better than I had originally thought and they really did bring "tea time" to the next level.

Audrey wanted Phoenix to be the server and to wear his Sunday suit. I told her he was too young. I have NO idea why he is crying here, as if wearing a girly hat every killed anyone!

We served cheese balls, sandwiches, and Mac n cheese (Audrey's request). Amaryllis (cutie in blue) had never had cheese balls before, and she could NOT get enough of them. :-)

A huge thanks to my friend, Emily (aka super photog) who helped out so much and somehow still managed to take these enchanting pictures. I am so happy to have these pictures! Audrey had a great time at the party, and I have learned a few things in my quest to become a party planner (for family occasions). Now on to Phoenix's Birthday (which will be much more low-key)...


Ellett Family said...

Rachel, you have so much talent! What a beautiful party for that beautiful girl of yours! Well done!

Tatum said...

Wow! You are super mom. I was about to put pictures of Chloe's birthday on my blog and you have put me to shame. Will you come in to town next year and plan my girl's party? Actually I will need help in October.

janae said...

Audrey's party was so cute. I'm sure she loved it. I still can't believe you made that cake!

Wii are the Nelsons said...

Wow - amazing job you did! I especially love the vinyl lettering. Looks so much fun. I can't wait to have girly parties with my girl.
I can't believe Audrey is 5!!!