Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Audrey's 5th Birthday (part 1)

So...you may or may not have noticed the total lack of postings for the last umm...hmm... like 2 months (my bad!). I have been tres busy (Trav's bday, Easter, Audrey's bday, life...) but hopefully I will get back to a semi normal routine soon.

Audrey turned 5! I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. Ever since Phoenix was born I have considered Audrey to be my big kid, but I would remind myself that she was still young and little. But now she is 5, and she really is beginning the next stage of her life, full-day Kindergarten, most of her days spent without her Mommy, having a life outside us...OK I better stop before the tears start flowing...(more).

On Audrey's birthday she had a field day at school. I was the first one to sign up as a parent volunteer (who wouldn't want their Mom hanging out at school with them on their Birthday?). I was really glad that I could see Audrey have so much fun. Audrey requested that we go to the Raleigh Science Museum. Marbles is the kids museum here and I love it, Phoenix loves it, but Audrey still prefers the science museum (only interesting about once a year). We had dinner at Olive Garden (she loves to get a plate full of grated parm. cheese), and we came home to celebrate.

at school...
being "eaten" by the shark

bread stick smile

Victorious after successfully blowing out the candles (don't worry, she did get an actual cake).

She had a great day from start to finish, it made me think I should let her have a few more days like this in the year.