Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I pretty much dream every night, and I have ever since I can remember. It is not uncommon for my dreams to be related to the events of the week (friends, TV, movies...). Last night I went to bed early because I have been extremely tired the last few weeks (two weeks of being sick and now I am on the recovery week). I thought that by going to bed early that I would wake up feeling refreshed and energized. But last night I had a dream that was a mix of Glee, High School Musical, Camp Rock, and 24. I was Rachel (from Glee) and Travis was Finn. We were at a summer camp for talented kids that could sing and dance and boy did we sing and dance. Sharpay from HSM was there as well as her brother, I was looking for the Jo Bro's but they never showed up, and after all of the singing and dancing was done we ended up in some warehouse shooting guns like it was our job and being chased. Luckily, because this was the 24 segment of my dream I knew that we would get out of it OK because Jack Bauer always makes it. I woke up more tired than I was when I went to bed.