Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Dentist

Audrey has been scared of the dentist ever since Travis got his root canal. I told her that she had nothing to be worried about, but she was still nervous. I made an appointment for her on Monday. Thankfully Travis was able to watch Phoenix while I took Audrey (it would have been a nightmare with the little guy). While we were in the waiting room Audrey insisted on sitting on my lap, which I let her of course. I read her a book about reptiles (her choice). Then she farted. Really loud. She was so embarrassed. I kept my cool and told her it was OK. She buried her head in my shoulder. Then after 10 seconds she got over it and we went back to the book. Finally the hygienist took us back and she wanted to take some x-rays of Audrey's teeth. I had to step out but I stayed close. After a few pictures, Audrey started crying softly because that thing they put in your mouth for x-rays was falling out. The hygienist was very nice and calming (she put the Disney channel on for Audrey). I could tell that Audrey was very uncomfortable while her teeth were getting cleaned, but she was brave. Then the hygienist went to get the Dentist and Audrey asked me if she could swallow, the poor girl must have been so uncomfortable. As soon as she saw the Dentist she started to cry. He calmed her down, looked at her teeth for about 2 seconds and told her she was doing a great job brushing her teeth. Then it was over (she got a lame prize). She looked so small and cute in the big chair, and when she was crying quietly it broke my heart. It is sad to think how fast she is growing up.


Nick and Jen said...

She did such a good job. Layla still hasn't let the dentist take the x-rays. And she doesn't really let them clean her teeth. It's crazy! I know what you mean about them growing up. Time used to seem so slow and now it is too fast at times!