Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Phoenix at One

(This is his really really happy smile...I think he is loving showing off his 4 teeth!)

At 1 year old Phoenix is crawling on his hands and knees (he was army crawling for a while) and he stands up to everything (even if that means digging his paper thin nails into my calves), and he recognizes his name and "no" (but he thinks "no" means "hurry! stuff it in your mouth as fast as you can!"). He lets Audrey carry him and he really enjoys playing with her. His favorite toy is probably the play kitchen I made for Audrey (pictures to come, but it needs a few finishing touches first). He still sleeps with his binky (still the green kind from the hospital) but as soon as I pick him up in the morning he takes it out of his mouth and throws it back into his crib. He gets very aggressive when he wants something (especially if I am eating the thing that he wants). He cannot wait to be able to eat everything that we can. He loves green beans from the baby food jars, I do not understand who would like those things all mushed up and in a near liquid form but our little guy does. He still wakes up once per night (sometimes more if he is teething) but he goes back down in about 5 minutes...and he usually sleeps in late (9-10) so I can't complain too much. Whenever I try to carry him up the stairs he always wiggles until I put him down so that he can crawl up himself. He loves to chase me and Travis around our couch, it is surprising how fast he can move when he crawls.

I took him to the Doctor yesterday and he is 30 inches tall and almost 19 lbs (the last few weeks he has been teething and sick so he probably lost a little weight during that time). I am on a regime to help the little guy beef up. I told Audrey we needed to get some fat on him and she had a really hard time understanding that. Even from 2 days ago his appetite has improved so we are off to a good start.

The Doctor acted shocked that Phoenix hasn't said any words yet. I was almost worried but then I thought about it and Audrey definitely was not saying any words by the time she was 1 (at least words that had meaning). So, I am patiently waiting for him to say "Mama" (assuming that will be his first word ). I already have a 4 year old that pretty much talks non stop, so I am not necessarily in a rush for him to start.


Monson Family II said...

I loved reading the updates about Phoenix and all the fun things that he is getting into. I can admit that I enjoy babies when they are a little older more than the newborn stage (even though the newborn stage has its wonderful stuff too). Reading your post is making me excited for the next few months to come with Caleb.

Kristin said...

I can not believe he is one!! SO handsome. I love his teeth. Aren't boys fun--and so different from the girls?