Thursday, July 8, 2010

One year ago today...

...we welcomed this little handsome fella into our family. The year has flown by! I remember when Audrey turned one I thought that she was such a big girl, but with Phoenix he is still my baby (he loves it when I rock him in my arms). Audrey thought that Phoenix was going to start walking today because I told her that he would start walking when he was one (it will probably be at least another month, but one of the joys of the second child is that we are in no rush for him to start walking).

Phoenix loves to eat "big people food", he has basically weened himself (off of formula that is). His favorite snacks as of today are baby goldfish (the crackers of course) and pieces of chocolate cupcakes (he had a lot of those today). He loves playing with Audrey, and he has lets her carry him around (considering the fact that she weighs only 10 pounds more than him...he is putting a lot of trust in her!). Phoenix loves dancing and wrestling with Trav. And he loves me to hold him...all day...every day. Despite the fact that my right arm is constantly sore and my back...let's not even go there...I cannot say no to his adorable little face. We all love Phoenix so much.

Happy Birthday little fella!


Tatum said...

I cannot believe he is ONE!! I haven't even met him yet! He is so CUTE! Such a good looking little boy!

Al and Ash said...

Happy birthday little guy! I can only imagine what that will be like. Your family is so cute. Maybe one day we will have an Andrew Family reunion and we will get to meet each other :)

Ashley Tucker