Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Visit to the big A-Z

We went to Arizona last week to visit with Trav's family. We had a fabulous time. I am not sure if you can actually have a soul mate in a place to live....would you call it a "soul home"? It must be possible because Phoenix is definitely my soul-home...I miss it so much. Blue skies, sunshine, warmer temperatures, dry air, the landscape (palm trees, cacti, mountains), the layout of the city...some one stop me! I am thinking we might just have to move back, I don't think I can resist! It will be a few years until we can even think of moving though. Patience is a virtue, right?

More to come from our trip, it is too late to do it all tonight.


Kristin said...

just stopped in to see how you all are doing. Happy Birthday!! Sounded memeorable--but wonderful too. I love you!!

PS--Did you name Phoenix after the city because you love it so much?

Nick and Jen said...

Arizona is a lot closer to Utah then NC...I can't wait till you move either! :)