Friday, December 4, 2009

Biscuits: Take #20


After countless attempts (and failures) of trying to make fluffy, and light biscuits I have finally succeeded. The relief society in my ward offered a class on biscuit making, and I was all over that. I learned that it is not so much the recipe as the technique you use to mix the ingredients. If you want a lesson, next time you see me ask me to show you (it would be difficult to try to describe how to mix the dough properly). Oh, and I also made some strawberry jam...which goes perfectly with the biscuits. To quote Rachael Ray, "yumm-o"!


janae said...

I would definitely have to say that you have mastered the art of biscuit making and your jam was to die for too.

Cherrie said...

The end product looks delish! I am horrible at baking and cooking myself so I'm sure it would take me a few tries as well.