Monday, August 4, 2014

Phoenix's Birthday Party

I pulled a "I am too lazy to throw a party at our house this year", and convinced let Phoenix have his party at Monkey Joes.  It actually took a lot more convincing than I thought it would.  That said, I think Phoenix was very happy with how his party turned out.

Here he is with her best bud, Ace.  They are in the same class in kindergarten!

Phoenix wanted to have party hats,which were surprisingly hard to track down (unless you wanted Barbie or Spiderman).  He also designed the cupcakes himself, each one had a new (and washed) car on it. 

This picture of Monkey Joe lifting him up always makes me laugh...

 He got to go in the ticket booth and won over $20 worth of merchandise, he was thrilled.

He really wanted a Hennessy Venom theme (the car you see on his shirt), so we did our best to work that into his party.  I tried doing the transfer of a printed image onto his shirt, and he was SO excited to see the shirt!  I put a 5 on the back (I had a 3 on the back of his shirt for his Lighting McQueen party and he requested I do the same with a 5).  It was so nice, we just showed up, had fun, and then left.  I think I spoiled myself this year!  Phoenix had all of his best friends there, and everyone had a great time!