Sunday, July 6, 2014

Audrey's Last Day of School

Audrey had her last day of school two Fridays ago.  We met her for lunch.  Her teacher had them play board games all day long.  Audrey was really excited for the day.

Unfortunately, her last day of school did not go as Audrey had hoped.  No one wanted to play her game with her, and when someone finally did, they made up the rules and cheated.  And Audrey's carpool buddy was not in carpool that day, so she couldn't say goodbye to him.  The poor little girl came home and cried.  It broke my heart.  We made the day better by going swimming and watching a movie.  School has not been easy for Audrey, in many different ways.  We have decided to homeschool her this next year (which is why she was so sad that she didn't get to say goodbye to her carpool buddy...who had confessed his "like" for her a few weeks earlier).