Sunday, July 29, 2012

NY Trip: Part 4

Treman State Park has been a long time family favorite place to visit, especially on holidays like Memorial Day.  Travis had one stipulation before we totally decided to go to NY and that was that he could go fishing.  Conveniently, my Dad already had a Treman trip planned.  Trav, my Dad and one of his friends got to Treman a few hours before we did (as in 6 hours) to get some quality fishing in.  All of them caught some fish, success!  Me, my Mom and the two kiddos met up with the men-folk for lunch.  

Grilled hotdogs.  Outside.  Cooked to perfection.  Black Cherry Soda.  Yum.
 My parents had to head out after we were done eating, but we hung around and swam.  It was weird to get into water that was actually, dare I say, refreshing?  The water in NC stops feeling cool around June 1st.  
 Audrey is quite the little fish, she is such a good swimmer and she LOVES going swimming whenever she can.  

 If Jo had been able to come with us I totally would have scaled the waterfall with her...and gone off the diving board.  When I was younger (up until like 5 years ago) I was kinda terrified of a fish touching me in water...which really limited the fun that I had at places like this...but I got over it, so now I just need a buddy to help me make up for lost time.

We had an awesome time, Treman is one of my favorite places to visit, it is so peaceful and beautiful.  Maybe next year Phoenix will be old enough so that we can take him and Audrey camping there.  Many good memories doing that with my Dad.