Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 4th

Yeah...a little late for a July 4th post right? Better late than never!

We received a last minute invite from Janae + Jared to go up to their beautiful home for the weekend. Ever since they moved away we have missed them, but especially on holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, July 4th...), so we jumped at the chance to get to spend the 4th with them and their two little kiddos, Jared's sister Julie was there also (Audrey has adopted Julie as another aunt).

We went to a local parade/celebration and we had a lot of fun (and consumed a lot of grease...err..I mean food).

So they had face painting there, I had never gotten my face painted as a kid (but some how I still turned out semi-normal) so I encouraged Audrey and Brighton to get a painting themselves. Audrey did not go for the idea, but Brighton was very excited about it. At first he wanted a flower and a heart, then he saw a girl with butterfly wings and he wanted that (Jared suggested a skull with crossbones), and he finally settled on a rainbow. Have I ever mentioned how much I love this not-so-little boy?

Janae's house is basically at the perfect location to see a bunch of awesome fireworks, we had our own of course (thanks Jared!). Addison was litrally bouncing up and down with excitement she kept saying "Guys! Guys! Guys! Fireworks!!!" she was the highlight of the night. Here is Audrey sitting with her honorary auntie (for protection...Audrey still doesn't really care for fireworks).

We had amazingly delish food (props to the hostess), great company, and good times. The perfect way to spend a holiday weekend.