Monday, November 23, 2009

Go Audrey Go!

This morning Audrey was playing on our little ironing board (pretending it was a sled) and I helped her out with something on it.

Audrey: Thank you Mommy! Gracias!

Me: Did you just say gracias?

Audrey: Yes, thank you!

Later on today I was playing with her and her favorite bear. Her bear "asked" her what Phoenix likes.

Audrey: Phoenix drinks milk. He drink formeela milk.

Bear (aka me): Formula?

Audrey: Yeah, formeela!

I am always surprised at the things she picks up. Audrey keeps things interesting.


Kristin said...

They are walking sponges. Phoenix is so cute in the picture below!! Getting big so fast!!

Leah said...

who is teaching your daughter spanish? lol

Cherrie said...

Who in the house is speaking Spanish?? Hilarious! or should I say hilar :P