Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A Hairy Tale

After the success of Willy Wonka, both kids were excited to be able to do another play.  Unlike Willy Wonka, this was an ensemble play, which meant that everyone has sizable parts, including Phoenix!  Both kids had between 20-30 lines to memorize.  Audrey is extremely good at memorizing, but I was really concerned with how Phoenix would do.  We practiced, practiced, practiced, and both kids knew all of their lines.  Audrey was a Queen and Phoenix was a reporter.  Both had originally wanted to be peasants, it was a sad day for them when I told them what they had been cast as.  Phoenix literally threw himself on his bed in tears!  Audrey was horrified at the idea of having to wear a nice dress and, heaven forbid, make up.  Both kids soon warmed up to their roles, and ended up having a lot of fun.   

These kids are from our ward.  Audrey has such a fun time with Lonna!  

Both Bryce's parents and we agreed that the highlight of the play (in our humble parent opinions) was Audrey and Bryce.  Awww!

It has been amazing to see the confidence in the kids that they gained from doing this play!  It was amazing to see how much they could memorize, and how well they could deliver their lines!