Sunday, June 23, 2013

Audrey's Birthday

My little girlie turned 7 this year!  I cannot believe she will be 8 next year!  She had a whole birthday week of celebrating.  We went to cheesecake factory, build a bear, Marbles, the Disney store...the list goes on.  

I convinced her to get cupcakes from the Cupcake Shoppe (that way we could each pick out what we wanted and there wouldn't be an entire cake leftover to throw away in a few days).  

Phoenix picked out a "baby" cupcake with red frosting.  It is so funny how much he loves red, I think it is because of Lightning McQueen.

Audrey got so much love from so many people (grandparents, and aunts).  It is nice to know how many people really love and care about Audrey.  

I am pretty sure that she had a great birthday, she had a whole week of festivities, she got tons of presents, and the best part of all was that she wasn't in school that week, so we got to spend the whole week together.  

I love Audrey so much, she is such a funny, kind hearted, and talented little girl.  She has had a sense of humor since she was old enough to talk!  It is fun as she gets old to be able to talk with her, and hang out with her.  I hope that she knows how special she is to me and Travis.