Friday, August 6, 2010


Jason is the man to thank for all of the fish caught..

Can you believe how big this fish is that Audrey caught? Jason caught an even bigger one later on!

This is my catch (keeping my distance from the fish)

So there is an unfortunate, but laughable (because Diane wasn't hurt too badly) story. Me, Trav, Heather and Ryan were playing Settlers and Jason came up and told Heather he had a bite on a line. She hadn't reeled in a fish yet, so she jumped at the opportunity, but she wanted a photographer and Diane, being the nice Mother that she is, volunteered. Earlier that day the guy in charge of deciding how much to adjust the dock pushed it out far enough so that you had to leap from the stairs to the dock. It was tricky because wet wood is slippery. Especially when you are wearing crocs. Diane found out the hard way.

Nothing like a moonlight dip in the lake!

I have a hilarious sequence of pictures with Heather, I will post them on facebook. Her, me, and Audrey all reacted the same way to the wriggling fish. Heather's face says it all.


joven said...

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Lisa Petrarca said...

Nice blog, I love the pictures.

Travis and Rachel said...

Hey we are like your blog twin! We found your blog when we googled ourselves. Anyway thought we should at least say hi. We had to check out your blog with such cool names.

Travis and Rachel